West Bengal Board of Primary Education

The mandate of the WBBPE is to provide academic oversight and guidance to primary education in West Bengal. The WBBPE performs the following key functions:

  • Manuscript Preparation: WBBPE is responsible for preparation of manuscripts for textbooks for primary classes, with the manuscripts being forwarded to the Directorate for printing and distribution.

  • Monitoring and supervision of primary schools through District Primary School Councils (DPSCs): The DPSC is the district - level arm of the WBBPE with a nominated Chairperson. The DPSC works in conjunction with Directorate.

  • Training: WBBPE officially recognizes privately-run Primary Teacher Training Institutes (PTTIs) to conduct pre-service training programmes for school teachers and conducts periodic workshops for in-service teacher training.

  • Transfers: In respect of cases of inter-district transfers of teachers, the DPSC seeks approval from the WBBPE.

  • State-level exams: WBBPE conducts two key examinations, the External Evaluation Exam (at class 2 level) and the Diagnostic Achievement Test (at class 3 level), the results of which are used for measuring and analysing learning achievement levels of students besides being applied by the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) for outcome monitoring.

  • Programme implementation and monitoring: WBBPE conducts ancillary programmes that support the SSA such as (a) Primary School Sanitation & Hygiene Education (PSSHE) supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), (b) Health Education training for teachers in association with Health Department, and (c) English Training programme supported by the British Council.


    The DPSC is the district level arm of the West Bengal Board of Primary Education with DI – Pri being DPSC’s ex - officio secretary. The key functions of DPSC are:

  • Monitoring & Supervision: DPSC has the responsibility of monitoring & supervision of all primary schools except those looked after by DI-Pri.

  • Teacher affairs: DPSC is responsible for teacher recruitment, transfer, promotion, leave, salary/benefits disbursement, etc of the primary school teachers.

  • PTTI affairs: DPSC is responsible for processing & selection of candidates for admissions to the PTTIs.

  • Diagnostic Achievement Test: DPSC is entrusted with conducting the diagnostic achievement test in classes 2 & 3.

  • Miscellaneous: DPSC processes the request for recognition of new primary schools. It also allocates funds for various infrastructure grants.

    For more details, please click here: www.wbbpe.org or visit West Bengal Board of Primary Education Portlet in WBSED Portal