The DPSC is the district level arm of the West Bengal Board of Primary Education with DI - Pri being DPSC's ex - officio secretary. The key functions of DPSC are:

  • Monitoring & Supervision: DPSC has the responsibility of monitoring & supervision of all primary schools except those looked after by DI-Pri.

  • Teacher affairs: DPSC is responsible for teacher recruitment, transfer, promotion, leave, salary/benefits disbursement, etc of the primary school teachers.

  • PTTI affairs: DPSC is responsible for processing & selection of candidates for admissions to the PTTIs.

  • Diagnostic Achievement Test: DPSC is entrusted with conducting the diagnostic achievement test in classes 2 & 3.

  • Miscellaneous: DPSC processes the request for recognition of new primary schools. It also allocates funds for various infrastructure grants.

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