The Department of School Education has a dedicated Directorate of School Education, headed by Director School Education which is entrusted with all executive functions concerning school administration. This enables the Department to function as apex policy making body with the day-to-day administration being looked after by the Directorate. The Directorate performs the following key functions:

  • School Administration: Directorate is responsible for regular monitoring and supervision of schools through Inspectorate. Inspectorate holds inspection as well as regular meeting with the schools and submits report regularly to the Directorate.

  • School Teacher Affairs: Directorate approves the panel for selection of primary teachers.

  • Miscellaneous: The Directorate collates the budget forwarded by the Inspectorates and presents the aggregate budget demand to the Department of School Education. It attempts to resolve various instances of disputes & grievances involving subordinate and school level entities.

  • It processes various legal cases involving Directorate and other school level entities and also responsible for framing and publication of various regulations from time to time.
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    These offices act as the interface between the Directorate (and in effect, the Department) and schools at the ground level. The District Inspector-Primary Education (DI-Pri) supervises a team of Sub-Inspectors (SIs) operating at the circle office level. The SI interacts with primary schools and supervises the operations of the Cluster Resource Centers that are located between the Block and the Gram Panchayat levels. The key functions of the office of the DI-Pri are:

  • Monitoring & Supervision: The DI-Pri is responsible for monitoring & supervision of primary schools belonging to Sanskrit tolls, Anglo-Indian schools & DA getting schools. The monitoring & supervision of Sub- Inspectors and other sub-ordinate employees is also the responsibility of DI- Pri.

  • Pension Processing: DI-Pri is responsible for processing pension claims of teachers ('post-'81' cases).

  • PTTI Affairs: DI-Pri supervises Group C & D staffs in PTTIs. He is also the counter-signatory authority for PTTIs

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    The District Inspector of Schools (Secondary) supervises a team of Assistant Inspectors (in some cases, they are known as Assistant District Inspectors who operate at the sub-division level, with one sub-division covering 20 to 100 schools depending on its size). Key functions of the District Inspector are:

  • Monitoring & Supervision: The DI-Secondary is responsible for monitoring & supervision of all secondary schools in the district. The Directorate is provided with regular inspection and monthly meeting reports

  • Recruitment: DI-Secondary is responsible for reporting secondary school teacher vacancies to the West Bengal School Service Commission. He also processes teacher appointment in secondary schools.

  • Miscellaneous: DI-Secondary releases Grants-in-Aid to schools in the capacity of Drawing and Disbursal Officer. He is also responsible for processing requests for recognition and upgrade of the schools. He supervises all service - related issues in respect of Inspectorate employees. He also supervises the conduct of elections to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Board in the capacity of District Election Officer. He also processes all legal matters pertaining to school level entities.
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